About the Episcopal Church of the Cross in Ticonderoga

Our Church History – Episcopal services have been held in Ticonderoga as early as 1810 but the first formal Church of the Cross building was erected in 1871.  This building was destroyed by fire in 1884 but the original altar, silver communion service, tower bell, and windows were rescued from the fire.  The existing church building was completed in July 1885 and consecrated by the Bishop of Albany.

The Church of the Cross’ main building is in the shape of a cross, with lovely woodwork, an antique bell, and magnificent stained glass windows donated to the church 1800’s by local families in Ticonderoga. The church has a gorgeous antique Tracker pipe organ that was built in 1902 for a church in Claverack, NY and purchased by the Church of the Cross in 1976.

Through the years improvements have been made to the church building such as the addition of a parish hall, adding a handicapped ramp, installing siding and other maintenance improvements.  The interior of the main church has remained true to its historical architectural roots.  It carries a rich history with the many memorial windows which cast magnificent colors in the church as the sun shines through.  The church has the wonderful smell of old wood, burned candles and when the organ is played the sounds can carry you back to another time.

Our Mission – The mission of the Church of the Cross is to bring all people to unity with God, to provide a safe, loving place to worship and to love our neighbor as ourselves.

Our Church Family– The Church of the Cross parish is a small, strong, loving, welcoming, and caring group who joyfully worship together each week. Fellowship is important to us so each Sunday Service is followed by a brunch where parishioners continually broaden our church family relationships. Evening services are often preceded by a potluck supper so we can share a meal, talk, and enjoy each other’s company.

Our Sunday Service – Our church generally follows a traditional liturgical style.  We offer communion each Sunday to all baptized people, hymns are sung to the lovely music played on our beautiful pipe organ, and healing prayers are offered during each service.

Church School – The Church of the Cross has Sunday school facilities and experienced teachers.  Currently our young parish family is either out of high school or not yet in school.  We look forward to filling our Sunday school in the future.

Outreach – We care for each other but also strive to reach out and help others in any way we can.  The Church of the Cross actively supports the local food pantry, the diaper drive for Burmese refugees, and the annual “Crop Hunger Walk” working to end hunger around the world.   The Church of the Cross, for many years, has sponsored children through Compassion International.  Currently we sponsor two children, one from Guatemala and one from the Dominican Republic.

If you want to learn more about the Episcopal Church of the Cross in Ticonderoga, call  (518) 585-4032 or contact us online.